Confused Words 12

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and feeling creatively fulfilled, or even just fulfilled in general I suppose!
Today I’m sharing another round of commonly confused words, so without further preamble, here are another six Confused Words

Plinth, Podium, Lectern
Plinth: is the word you’d choose if you are talking about a slab or block of stone on which you’d place a column or statue. For instance, the statue stood even taller once it was settled on to the ‘plinth.’
Podium: this is the word to use when describing a platform on which you might stand to give a speech. For example, the guitarist stood on the ‘podium‘ and played for the small crowd.
Lectern: You’d use this word when talking about the raised desk-like structure one might use to hold notes or documents when giving a speech. For instance, she placed her papers on the ‘lectern‘ and made sure she’d be able to see them clearly.

Flow, Floe
Flow: is the word you’d use to describe something that moves steadily and continuously. For example, the stream ‘flowed’ gently down the mountain. 
Floe: is used to describe a large sheet of floating ice. For instance, the ‘floe‘ drifted across the icy sea.

Formerly, Formally
Formerly: this is the word you’d use to describe something that has happened or was true previously or in the past. For example, she’d ‘formerly‘ been mayor and was now running for governor.
Formally: this is used when your talking about something that is in accordance with convention or something that is deemed to be official. For example, They were all ‘formally‘ attired for the book launch party.

Uninterested, Disinterested
Uninterested: is the word used to describe someone showing a lack of interest in someone or something. For example, she was ‘uninterested‘ in his excuses for his tardiness.
Disinterested: this is the word you’d use to describe someone who does not have a vested interest in a particular situation or dispute and can therefore act fairly and unselfishly. For example, the judge must remain fully ‘disinterested‘ in the case.

Stalagmite, Stalactite
Stalagmite: is used in reference to a long piece of rock sticking up from the floor of a cave.  For example, ‘Stalagmites‘ are formed by the slow dripping of water containing the mineral lime.
Stalactite: this is used when you’re referring to a long piece of rock which hangs down from the roof of a cave. For example, ‘Stalactites’ are made in the same way as stalagmites, except they grow downwards instead of upwards.

Consonant, Continent
Consonant: you’d use this word when referring to basic speech sounds in the alphabet which are not vowels sounds. For example, there are five vowels in the English language and 21 ‘consonants’.
Continent: this word is used to describe very large landmasses that can be made up of several different countries. For example, Earth’s largest ‘continent‘ is Asia.

As always thanks for spending your time with me!

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