5 Tips for Writing a Good First Draft

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and that you’re feeling creatively fulfilled. Today I’m sharing some tips on writing that all-important first draft.

5 Tips for Writing a Good First Draft

1 Think About Your Idea
Thinking about your idea is part of the drafting process. It’s always best to have a  general idea of the beginning, middle and ending of your story before you begin, so that you know where you’re aiming for, otherwise you might waste time needlessly floundering.

2 Write To The End
It’s a good idea to write your first draft to the very end – even if you find that you need to skip over large chunks of story. Always aim for the end, that way you’ll have the basic idea of the story down and you can use it as a foundation to build upon in your next draft.

3 Don’t Worry About Perfection
As a writer, you will no doubt already be familiar with the constant need to have whatever you write be perfect right off the bat, however, that is not possible (at least for mere mortals such as myself). 

4 Don’t Edit Until The End
It can become almost a compulsion to stop after every paragraph (or sentence) and edit as you go, but all this will do is slow you down and frustrate you. 

5 Don’t Read Until You’ve Finished
This is very much easier said than done, but reading what your writing while you’re writing can slow down the creation of the project. It can also cause you to become too critical and too self-conscious. Read it when it’s finished.

As always, thanks for reading my words, I hope you find something useful within them!

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