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Hi everyone here’s the latest post in my Confused Words series!

Roll, Role
Roll: this is the word you use when referring to something that has been turned over and over without folding, into a cylindrical shape. It can also be the movement or action of something or someone being turned on an axis. It is also the name of a small rounded loaf of bread. For example, he put the ‘roll‘ of carpet against the wall. She ‘rolled’ the ball down the hill. They all ate bread ‘rolls’ with their soup.
Role: is used to refer to an actor’s part in a play or movie. It can also refer to the function of a person or thing in a particular situation. For example, of all the actors auditioning for the ‘role‘, she was the best. In the age of technology, books still play a ‘role‘ in education.

Idol, Idle
Idol: this is used when referring to something that is used in the representation of a god and used as an object of worship. It also refers to a person who is greatly admired or revered. For instance, Ancient Egyptians worshipped many ‘idols’ representing their gods. The famous singer had become an ‘idol‘ to those she inspired with her music.
Idle: is used in reference to something that is unused or inactive. It can also be used to mean laziness and to denote something of insignificance. For example, the computer sat ‘idle‘ on the desk. Sam’s mother says he’s ‘idle‘ because he does nothing to help around the house. They stood at the bus stop engaging in ‘idle‘ chitchat.

Sore, Soar
Sore: this word is used when you are referring to something that hurts. It can also be used to refer to someone who is upset or angry in North American English. For example, his head was ‘sore‘ from when he bumped it yesterday. Eliot was ‘sore‘ at his little brother for stealing his truck.
Soar: this is the word you would use to mean fly or to rise high in the air. It can also mean to increase rapidly above the usual level. For instance, the birds ‘soar‘ high into the sky. The price of food ‘soars’ every year.

Whale, Wail
Whale: is used when referring to the large marine mammal. For example, a ‘whale‘ can remain submerged for a long time.
Wail: is the word used when referencing a prolonged, high pitched cry of pain, grief or anger. For example, he let out a sorrowful ‘wail‘.

Angle, Angel
Angle: this is used in reference to the space between two intersecting lines which is measured in degrees. For instance, a right ‘angle‘ is an ‘angle‘ of exactly 90 degrees.
Angel: is used when you’re talking about the spiritual beings who act as attendants and messengers of God. For example, Mary was visited by the ‘angel‘ Gabriel who came to tell her that she would give birth to a son.

Ocean, Sea
Ocean: is the word generally used in reference to the whole body of Earth’s surface water (although in North American English, the word sea can be used interchangeably). For instance, it’s said that we know more about space than the ‘ocean‘.
Sea: this is the word traditionally used to mean a divide in the ocean where a continent has split or where two touching continents drift apart. For example, the Irish ‘Sea‘ was formed when the rising ‘sea‘ levels caused the separation of Ireland from Great Britain.

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