Yet More Confused Words

Hi, everyone, I’m in a creative lull at the moment, so I decided to post some more often Confused Words.

Patience, Patients
Patience: this word is used when talking about the ability of someone to put up with the incompetence of others or be able to wait. For example, have patience, and your efforts will pay off.
Patients: is used when referring to those in need of medical attention, for instance, the old doctor had treated many patients throughout his career.

Tyre, Tire
Tyre: is (in British English) used when referring to the rubber covering of a wheel. For example, the mechanic checked the truck’s tyres.
Tire: is used when conveying sleepiness or exhaustion, for instance, after the hour-long walk home she was tired’.

Bread, Bred
Bread: is the word to use when you are talking the food made from a dough of flour and water. For example, the baker had already sold five loaves of bread by half past nine.
Bred: this is the past tense form of the word breed, meaning to procreate. For instance, she had been bred for city life and hated the thought of moving to a small town.

Pail, Pale
Pail: is the word to use when referring to a bucket or container, for example, the boy carried the pail of water outside to wash his bike.
Pale: is used to denote something as light in colour, or it can be used to say that something has become less important, for instance, he painted the bathroom a pale shade of blue. When their house burned down, all other worries began to pale in comparison.

Thrown, Throne
Thrown: is the past tense of the word throw, and it is used when talking about sending something flying through the air, for example, he had gotten so frustrated with his computer that he had thrown it out the window.
Throne: this word is used when speaking about the chair on which a King, Queen or another type of ruler may sit. For example, the King’s throne was made of gold and silver and adorned with rare jewels.

Sale, Sail
Sale: is used when money is traded for something, for instance, the man was happy that the sale of his house was complete.
Sail: This is a large sheet of fabric hoisted from a mast of a ship to catch the wind, which pushes the ship along. For example, the Captain ordered the raising of the main sail.

As always, thank you for reading, I appreciate it immensely.

Until next time,



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