More Confused Words

Confused Words

Hello again everyone!

It’s been a rather slow morning, creatively speaking so in hopes of jumpstarting my brain, here are some more of those words which look or sound similar but have entirely different meanings.

Whether, Weather
Whether: is used when you want to expresses doubt or choice between alternatives, for example, It’s not clear ‘whether’ he thinks it’s funny. She isn’t sure ‘whether’ she should stay or not.
Weather: is used when you’re speaking in atmospheric terms, for instance, can you check the ‘weather’ for me?

Write, Right, Rite, Wright
Write: is used when you mean inscribe, create a document or compose. For example, I’ll ‘write’ to you while I’m away.
Right: is a way to say correct or to direct somebody. For example, you were ‘right’ in what you said. You go straight ahead and then turn ‘right’.
Rite: refers to a ceremony or religious ceremony. For example, the priest arrived to administer last ‘rites’.
Wright: is used when referring to somebody who builds or creates things. For instance, the ‘playwright’ has created a masterpiece.

To, Too, Two
To: is used when you want to indicate place or time, for example, I’m going ‘to’ be at work from 9 ‘to’ 5. To can also be used to indicate a person, for instance, I’m giving this coffee ‘to’ Sam.
Too: is another way of saying also and can be used to mean very or more than, for example, I’m going, ‘too’! (also) This shirt is ‘too’ small (very) I’ve eaten ‘too’ much.
Two: is used when you are talking about the number two (2). For example, there are only ‘two’ of us.

Farther, Further
Farther: is used when you mean a physical distance. Note that it has far in the word. For example, I’m going to go ‘farther’ down the road.
Further: is used when speaking figuratively, for instance, I will explain my ideas ‘further’.

By, Buy, Bye
By: is used to signify a person who has performed an action, for example, the coffee was prepared ‘by’ Sam.
Buy: is for when you’re talking about having purchased something, for instance, what did you ‘buy’ from the store?
Bye: Is a shortened version of goodbye, for example, ‘bye’ then, see you later!

Advise, Advice
Advise: this means to tell someone what you think they should do, for example, I ‘advise’ you to follow your heart.
Advice: is when guidance or recommendations are offered to someone about the best course of action to take, for instance, he gave good ‘advice’ about not breaking the rules.

Passed, Past
Passed: is used when you are talking about having moved by someone or something in a particular direction, or handed something to somebody, for example, she  ‘passed’ along that road every day. He ‘passed’ the ball to his dog.
Past: is used when you are speaking about something that has happened before the present or in history. It is used in speaking about time. For example, it’s good to think of the ‘past‘ sometimes. It is a quarter ‘past’ three.

Again, some of these are just basic explanations, but they might just help somebody out.

Thanks as always for reading this if you did!


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