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I'm Geroge, and I'm from the North-East of England. I'm a writer, and I write things. That's about it really; there's not much else I can say. Have a look around at and see what I'm all about! :-D

  • The End

    The End

    Hi, everyone, what I’m posting here is the first draft of a short story (approx 3000 words) that I’ve been working on. The point of the project that I had set myself was to see if I could portray enough… Read More ›

  • Writing Flash Fiction

    The key to flash fiction is brevity

    For those who don’t know, Flash fiction or the short-short story as it is also known, is a type of fiction writing that relies on brevity and can be read – or written I suppose – in a flash. Surprisingly, at least… Read More ›

  • What Can You Write in 15 Minutes?

    What can you Write in 15 Minutes

    Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
    ? by Kelsie Engen Writers can mostly agree that writing is a time consuming process. You write a first draft, step back, revise into a second draft, send out for feedback (beta readers…

  • 3 Tips For Writers Block (1 min read)

    Originally posted on Millionaire's Digest:
    Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Rebecca Dolman Founder & Owner of: Rebecca Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty, Lifestyle and Successful Living Writer If like me you sometimes struggle to get the creative juices flowing,…

  • Writing Short Stories

    The first thing you should know before you begin to write a short story is: start in the middle! You might well be throwing your hands up in exasperation right now and saying to yourself, ‘well that’s just madness! Why would you… Read More ›

  • Even More Confused Words

    Confused Words

    Procrastination, my oldest nemesis, has set in once again and so in an attempt to motivate myself I’m back with ‘Even More Confused Words‘. They are: Assure, Ensure, Insure Assure: is used when you are trying to make certain of… Read More ›

  • Writer’s Block

    Many of us have struggled our way through writer’s block at one point or another. It is a condition, or rather a state of mind where the brain seems to have decided to stop cooperating and enters a sort of creative shutdown…. Read More ›