Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! I’m sharing another poem with you today, I hope you enjoy it!


Defeat is after all of us
From the very first breath we take
It catches our scent and hunts us down
Stalking us like prey

It lusts after all our hopes and dreams
Its goal is to devour them all
It wants to see you surrender
It lives to see you fall

Defeat is waiting around every turn
Watching for you to trip
Eagerly awaiting the moment
That your self-belief slips

The only way to defeat defeat
Is to believe with all you are
That you are capable of anything
That you really can go far

So when you sense defeat is near
Just close your eyes real tight
And will yourself to carry on
Through the darkness see the light

As always, thanks for reading my words, it really does mean a lot.

Until next time


© 2020 GLT

Categories: Creative Writing, Poetry

3 replies

  1. Along with nagging doubt, defeat is another one we shouldn’t give house room to…
    Inspiring poem, George…

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