We all have our own reasons for writing


Hi everyone, I’m sharing another poem with you today. The inspiration for this one came from the question, ‘why do you write?’ to which my mind threw up a multitude of answers – the most prominent being that I write for clarity. I write to understand and to be understood, and it also helps to order my thoughts.

Anyway, I here’s the poem, I hope you enjoy it!


I bring myself to the literary stage
To express myself upon the page
For inside me a tempestuous war is waged
And my weapon is the pen

My heart, I pour for all to see
To ease the emotional toil in me
The dream is to, at last, be free
To create a mental state of zen

So, I hold the weapon above the white
And sit in the dimness of bedroom light
Until I feel the urge to write
And then exercise my soul again

As always, thanks for reading my words, I appreciate you spending your time here!

Until next time


© 2019 GLT



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