One Day, I Will not be Here

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well. I’m sharing another poem with you today, and I hope you enjoy it. One Day I Will not be Here One day, I will not be hereMy footprints will have washed awayMy body… Read More ›


Hi everyone, hi hope you’re all well! I’m sharing a poem with you today, I hope you enjoy it. Bravery Bravery comes in many formsAnd it may be big or smallIt’s a force – a flame that embersDeep within us… Read More ›

The Ephemeral Spark

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and that you’re all feeling fulfilled and content in whatever it is you’re up to. Today I’m sharing with you a new poem. I hope you enjoy it. The Ephemeral Spark Life is… Read More ›

Cosmically Connected

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the weather. It’s a nice and breezy morning up here in the north, which makes a change from the sweltering heat we’ve had of late. Anyway, I’m sharing a poem with you today,… Read More ›


Hello everyone. This is a little poem I wrote that I thought I would share with you all. I hope you enjoy it! She She had always been so wondrous A vision in green and blue Twirling against the blackness… Read More ›