Interesting Collective Nouns: Festive Edition – Part 2

Hi everyone! The research for my previous post Interesting Collective Nouns: Festive Edition proved so fruitful that it was necessary to split it in two. So, here are a further 10 festively themed collective nouns for you to muse over…. Read More ›

Confused Words 6

Hi everyone, here’s another round of commonly confused words! Loose, Lose Loose: this is the word you’d use when referring to something which has not been firmly fixed in place, or when talking about a piece of fabric or clothing… Read More ›

Word Count

Many writers, especially new writers, wonder about how long their projects need to be. The best advice I ever received regarding word count, however, is simply not to worry about it, which is something that’s easier said than done, and even… Read More ›

Word Classes

In language, all words are grouped into different categories or ‘classes’, and they can be confusing, with each class of word serving a specific function. Here are the main word classes we use in English: Nouns – a noun is… Read More ›