Why do you write?

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Every writer likes to have a go at answering this (often personal) question at some point in their blogging career, and I suppose I’m no different. What brewing concoction of feelings and emotions do you experience when you put that marvellous brain to paper? And why on Earth do you keep writing, day after day, with no end in sight?

I was recently catching up on Louise Allan’s Writers in the attic series, which if you haven’t come across yet please do head over there ASAP, when I came upon the second story in the series and was hushed into stillness. Michelle Johnston, who was writing on Being a Writer and a Physician, had described, with lyrical dreaminess, what I believe writing would truly look like if it could ever be described:

It is, instead, a world of dazzling stars, of piranhas and bank heists, and dirigibles and zeppelins, and…

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